What is MDSH?

Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing and Multi-Dimensional Soul-Body Tuning are healing modalities that use muscle testing and penduluming to determine imbalances across the 12 dimensions of the multi-dimensional human being. A variety of healing tools are used, influenced by TCM, Ayurveda, Kinesiology, mysticism, essential oils & herbalism.  

Practitioner training

Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing and Multi-Dimensional Body Tuning are both offered as practitioner training. 

Change your career, or study as a student of life and join your healer circle. 

Short courses

Short Workshops are offered throughout the year. These are hands on, practical courses, that teach healing tools to use for yourself and your loved ones.

Attend one day, or attend them all and meet like-hearted beautiful souls along the way.

IICT membership

Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing is an approved modality with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

With IICT membership, you are assured of professional insurance.


Multi-Dimensional Healing 
is an energy healing modality similar to Kinesiology, that heals our Being,
through the 12 Dimensions. 

Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing (MDSH) is its own modality (similar to Kinesiology) and is recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT). Professional practitioner training is offered in an 8 weekend course (run over 8 months) and requires full attendance at the training weekends as well as home practice to be done between weekends.

You’ll learn how to use different maps and tools to dive deep into the detail of our energy systems, such as chakras and meridians, as well as new energy systems and polarities that hold the blocks to our soul healing. You’ll learn to read the maps to our systems so you can uncover the subtle energies of our multi-dimensional souls and the intricacies of our multi dimensions. When your heart is calling you home, multi-dimensional soul healing is your map and compass.

MDSH teaches muscle testing as well as pendulum testing to work with clients who want to deeply heal soul patterns and crave a deeper level of knowing.

It would be lovely to have you in class.

Practitioner Training

This is where your journey begins.

We’re blessed to be here on Earth at this time.  Your Soul is here for a purpose and it’s had lifetimes to reach this moment. 

Join our circle, and discover the aspects of our multi-dimensional being and how our physical form interacts with our soul. Learn how to heal and balance our Beings to bring calm, peace, wellness and oneness into your life and the lives of others.

My favourite things 

I love to share the knowledge I have gathered. 
I receive wisdom and knowledge from my spirit guides, I have the privilege of honing this knowledge into healing skills in my busy practice, I get to share it with my colleagues – who have also been my students – and I share it with my classes every year.

I believe I’m incredibly blessed to be able to share this knowledge with you…it is my Soul’s destiny.

What my students say

Here are what my students would like to tell you…

“Kaylee is an amazing and fantastic teacher who effortlessly keeps everyone accommodated with their questions, unique ways of learning and is always compassionately encouraging towards their journey and growth”


You heal yourself alongside this training, and the course is a life-gift to pass on to your family, friends and the people on the planet forever


“Kaylee, you spark the magic in all our Souls. The love you share in what you do, teach and provide is pure magic”


Join our circle. It will only take a minute.

Our awesome team

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Kaylee Maitland

MDSH Developer & Teacher

Kaylee has been teaching energy healing for over 5 years, and simply loves not only sharing this beautifully complex healing modality, more importantly, she loves to watch and facilitate her students blossoming into confident and high frequency healers. 

Sarah Jensen

MDSH Co-Teacher

Loving to heal from the heart, Sarah is a loving and nurturing teacher. She is a wonderful energy healer and works in practice with Kaylee and Geordie. Guiding and sharing her gifts is one of her greatest delights.

Geordie Ritchie

MDSH Co-Teacher

Geordie is a wonderful teacher. Listening and guiding is his strength in class, and loves to demonstrate. Working in practice with Kaylee and Sarah at Flourish Healing, Geordie is a caring energy healer who loves to guide others into the same field.

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