It’s no coincidence you’re here 
and you’re
right on time!

If your soul is craving a deeper level of knowing and your heart is calling you home, consider this space, and the magic it holds, your map and compass.

The courses offered here are the very same magic that supports my own Soul Awaking, and that which I offer in my clinic to my clients, and it’s my deepest joy to share them with you too.

You’re here. You’re home. And it’s time.

Big Love
Kaylee xx


Join our circle and 
change your perspective 

Kaylee is an enthusiastic teacher and practitioner of Soul Healing.

Over the last 10 years, she has built a thriving clinic in Norwood, South Australia, Flourish Healing that now nests 4 Soul Healers and a number of other like-hearted practitioners. Beginning her career in healing as a Kinesiologist, and then becoming a teacher of Kinesiology, she found that her client’s ‘bodies’ were asking her for more…which she willingly leap at the opportunity to provide. 

Having a background in science, graphic design and education, Kaylee was no stranger to drawing upon her resources to facilitate the outcomes her clients needed…no, craved. Often feeling like a mad scientist – which let’s face it, is terrific fun! – with a mix of middle-of-the-night strange and wonderful visitors at the end of her bed, and amazing meditations creating clear light paths of understanding for healing, Kaylee has pulled together the teachings she has received and delivered it in a Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing package.

She has developed her own modality, Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing. It now includes two practitioner courses, MD Soul Healing and MD Soul Body Tuning, as well as a number of short workshops.
Kaylee is completely committed to helping you facilitate soul change in your life, whether that is for your personal development and souls’ growth, or a complete career change and becoming a practitioner of Soul Healing.

You heal yourself throughout the training, so you benefit that which is a life gift, to pass on to your family, friends and the people on the planet forever.


Thank you, Kaylee.
You have opened my eyes to so many dimensions of healing. The gifts that you have shared will be with me forever.