We offer 2 types of courses:
practitioner training & short workshops

Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing Practitioner Training

Although we refer to this training as Practitioner Training, it is also a magnificent opportunity for personal development, and some of our students join us with the intention just for learning and growing. 

We offer 2 Courses:

Our practitioner training courses are held over 8 months, with one weekend a month in-person training at our training studio in Kensington Park, South Australia. 

Courses require full attendance at each weekend as well as practical work during the month. There is also time for practice during the training weekends.

We also include the aspects to running a business that we see many people stumble on. In particular, we spend time on business names and branding, accepting and charging for appointments, and we even host a photoshoot for those all-important photos for your online business profile that you and I both know you’ll never get around to doing 🙂

Short Workshops

Our Soul Awaking workshops focus on the energy at the time.

Whether it be the work of the 5 Mothers and how they each bring gifts that weave healing in our 5th Dimensional Cosmic Being or unblocking the acceptance of our 7th Dimensional Light Being.

Workshops are intended to be enjoyed throughout the whole year, or as one-off experiences.

Workshops tend not to be repeated – so don’t miss out!

Our Sunday workshops are generally held from 12-5pm in our Kensington Park, South Australia training studio.